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Muslim History Tours provides a range of services for those interesting in attracting Arab/ Halal travellers or learning about the historical connections of Muslims with Britain.


We have provided consultation to different countries and shopping destinations to make their locations more attractive for Halal travellers, for example, Bicester Village, Regent Street Association to name a few.


Halal tourism

AbdulMaalik Tailor, is a regular speaker on Halal tourism and Muslim Heritage. He has spoken to different audiences within the tourism industry and at Visit Britain headquarters, the national tourist office for Britain.  If you wish for your tourism sector especially within a non-Muslim country to learn how to attract Halal travellers look no further!





To add value to Halal tourism is Muslim heritage. AbdulMaalik Tailor is a keen speaker on Muslim heritage in Britain, from local authorities to participation at seminars, or interfaith networks and educational settings.



You have a brand wishing to launch it in the UK? Contact us so we can take care of the arrangements such as influencers, top locations, with our open-top sightseeing bus or the traditional black taxi of London! Go on, give it that extra touch! 



We have taken part in a number of media interviews about Halal tourism, Muslim heritage in Britain and as AbdulMaalik Tailor is a mentor and a speaker about converts to Islam, himself being one, he provides an additional benefit of being approached by the media. 



AbdulMaalik is Britain's first professionally qualified Muslim tour guide and has assessed other guides in guiding skills. We offer Hajj and Umrah and other Halal travel companies the opportunity to learn and enhance their guide's guiding skills. All too often, religious or historical guides may have knowledge and content but how to deliver is by some considered to be an art.