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Central London Tour

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Central London has many UK's tourist sights providing ample photographic opportunities. Unknown to the masses what lies there is also an untold history, a Muslim presence.

Arabic being taught somewhere around Parliament in the 1600's, we take you to the location and show you the works! A Muslim community was discovered in 1600's too! A 1700 English convert is told "You must be mad!". A Muslim medical practice introduced in UK in the 1700s was seen as being "a practice of the Infidel!" We will show you how science continued after the loss of Muslim Spain. Unrecognised pioneers stolen. Which English note has a Muslim connection?

Want to discover the answers to all the above? Join us on this thrilling walking tour, from Parliament Square leading to Whitehall leading the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square and finishing off at the National Portrait Gallery. 

For those wishing to pray we normally finish off at a local Mosque.

From GBP 15

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  1. Westminster Tube Station