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After Work Tour

Meeting Point: Outside Central Criminal Court, The Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EH

Join us for an evening walk, as you are shown the sights that Muslims contributed to the City of London's heritage. Imagine going back to the Crusades, witnessing the achievements of the Muslims and seeing them come back to England and to become embedded within society in UK.

Can you spot an Arabic word on the City of London Map? Alternatively, can you guess where in the City of London were the first "patients" tested on Muslim science in the 1700s? I'm sure it makes you ponder at the sight of that question...Was you thinking that the Muslims stopped contributing to civilisation and science when Muslim Spain was lost? The Golden Era! or was that what you were taught? 

Welcome to a place where "All roads lead to Londinium!"

Come along with your work colleagues or even for that evening walk with your spouse!

Open to all



Guided walking tour of City of London

Followed by optional evening meal at a local restaurant (not included in price) 

How did Muslims contribute to the City of London?


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